28 January 2014 - QA 1

Gurudev, I am a victim of one sided love, always. Please give me some idea or tips to make it two sided.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

I have no experience in this.

Let’s think. All problems are caused by love only. There are two things. One is people express their love too much, and then there are others who do not express it at all. Both are no good.

If you express your love too much, the person who is receiving it doesn’t know how to respond. Just imagine yourself in that place, if someone gives you too much love, you will feel like running away. You don’t know how to respond, unless and until you are so centered and you have one pointed love towards the Divinity.

If you are connected with the universal spirit of one pointed love, it doesn’t matter. Then there is only one thing, that is one sided love.

I think God also feels the same thing: one sided love. The biggest victim of one sided love is God. He loves you so much and you don’t even recognize it. So he must be feeling the same way. God loves you, this creation loves you, and you seldom recognize it. If you recognize this and be quiet in yourself, then you'll see. The universe pours so much love on you. You can't handle it, the universe pours that much love on you.

The world always loves you more than you love the world.

You should know this, the universe loves you more than you love the universe. God loves you more than you can ever think or can ever imagine.

As I said, a seed will not sprout if put on the surface of the mud. And also if it is too deep inside the mud, then it won’t grow. So it should be somewhere in between. It should not be deep inside the soil or in air, just a little bit covered. In the same way, expression of love should be somewhere in the middle. When you don’t express it verbally, it shows in your actions.