3 November 2012 - QA 3

Gurudev, artists depict Lord Krishna’s Vishwaroopa as a person with so many heads and hands. What does it really mean?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Vishwaroopa means to see God in everything.

Vishwa means the whole universe, and roopa here means the Universal form; seeing the whole universe as the form of one divinity is what it means, but the artist has shown it differently. Do not think about this in the way the artist has presented it, the Lord as a person with so many heads and hands, no.

Arjun simply had this experience that everybody is one. The hundreds and thousands of heads were not of one person, it is not like that. It means that there is One Consciousness, which is present in all these heads. Having that experience of oneness, feeling of oneness with the water, earth, clouds, animals and trees. That is what Vishwaroopa really is.