30 Dec 2012 QA-10

Where and when will self-realization happen?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Self-realization is experienced right here!

When I say, ‘Close your eyes’, and we meditate, at that time, do you remember your identity? Are you a man, a woman, or a professor? Do you know your age? Do you see that you are ageless? You are beyond your age, beyond your personality. That is what self-realization is. Slowly, step by step, you move in this direction. Then you realize, ‘I am not just the body, I am pure energy.’

Is this your first advance course? It will take a couple of more advance courses for you. It doesn’t matter. Did you notice that the first day the mind was all over the place? On the second day, it started settling down. On the third day, today, the meditation was even better. So, slowly, you will move in that direction.