How do we deal with anger and hatred towards somebody whom we cannot avoid; especially when both are completely at different frequencies?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

First realize you are magnanimous. If you believe in your magnanimity and your inner beauty, it will become easier for you to handle all such situations. When you don’t look within, when you are simply focusing on the behavior of others, it will definitely rattle your mind. Then you try to correct the other person and you will be unsuccessful.

People who irritate you, in some way or the other can bring about the best in you. They can bring out the talents and skills in you. See, when everyone around you is wonderful you don’t need any skill to handle a situation. It will only happen when there are people whom you think are unreasonable. So it is an exercise, take it as an exercise as much as possible.

I know it is not an easy job. At least, you save your mind.

I have spoken a lot about this in the books Celebrating Silence and Celebrating Love, go over it.

The moment deep acceptance starts coming from within you will suddenly find the other person also changes. It is strange, but true. When we change, they also change.