30th October 2012 - QA 5

Dear Gurudev, on what basis do you reward your devotees? Because I think I do not deserve even ten percent of what I have got. Is there a calculation mistake on your side?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

I do not calculate. Why bother to calculate? I am relaxed. You also better relax.

It is good when we feel that we have gotten more than what we are worthy of. This makes us more humble. It takes away demand from our head because demand destroys love.
So, when we know that we have gotten more than what we are worthy of, we reel in love.
We will be grateful in our life and more will come.

The more we are grateful, more will come our way. But if we say, ‘Oh I did so much, but got little bit only, I deserve more’, when we think in that line, then complaining, grumbling, anger and frustration comes.

In life, generally, whatever we get, we should have this feeling, ‘I have gotten more than what I deserved’. This is the first point.

That does not mean you should not work. You should keep working. When you are working, you should say, ‘I have more capacity than what I think I can do.’
But when it comes to receiving, we should know that we have gotten more than what we really deserved. That will take us into a higher platform, especially in spirituality. This should be the rule.

I wouldn’t say that same thing is the rule when it comes to human rights. There if your rights are not being honored then you must demand your human rights. But when it comes to your spiritual evolution, you should know, ‘God has given me more than what I ever deserved’.

That simply says that you believe in the judgment and fairness of the Divinity.