31 July 2013 - QA 3

I learnt a lot of good principles here. How to implement this in my everyday life? To be in business I need to be a little aggressive and active. Just meditation won't do.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Correct! There is no need for mood making. When you’re sitting here, you’re sitting like this (cross legged). When you go to your office, you don’t have to sit like this! When you are in business, you do business.

You don’t put on your winter coat all the time. Just imagine yourself walking around with your winter coat now, in this weather! You can’t survive. Put your winter coat on only in winter. Also you can’t walk around in your summer dress in winter.

Like you change your coats, you have the ability to change your moods, your behavior. You don’t need to be stuck in one behavior. You don’t need to be goody-goody all the time. When you are in business, be in the business mood. You have to be active, you don’t have to go slow motion.

You can do the slow meditation in motion (a technique of meditation taught at The Art of Living) here in this hall, not in the dining hall. If you sit in the dining hall and do meditation in motion, your lunch will become your dinner.

All that you learnt here is something that brings inner transformation. It is not a concept in the mind. It’s all part of you. In fact you don’t try to implement this in your day to day life. You just be a normal, natural person. This knowledge will automatically come into play in your life.
That is the duty of knowledge. There is no effort to implement it. It is spontaneous, it automatically reflects.