31 May 2014 - QA 7

Gurudev, I am very troubled thinking about all the karmas of my past life. Please advise and guide me.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Just know that the seeds of all such karmas of the past lives get burnt once you come here. So just relax and be happy.
Suppose you have a house that has been locked away for a 100 years. Now you will ask, 'O Gurudev, how can one remove the darkness of 100 years in just a day?'
I tell you, the moment the lamp of knowledge has been lit in your heart, all the darkness (of ignorance and negativity) vanishes away in an instant. In the same way, the seeds of all your past karmas burn away as you go deeper and deeper into Self-knowledge.
When you realize with awareness that 'I am not this body, I am the eternal spirit', any negative effects of your past karmas will simply disappear without affecting you.