5th January 2013 - QA 2

Whenever I am in the ashram I don't feel like going back to the materialistic world. Sometimes the responsibility of the family becomes an obstacle. How to overcome that?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

You need to charge your mobile phone with the charger, but you don't leave the phone on the charger, otherwise how will you use it?!

Similarly, when your charge is down, you have to come here again and charge yourself.
For me the whole world is my ashram. I keep moving from one ashram to another ashram; from one place to another.

You have to take care of your responsibilities and the work you have at home. You have to do all of that; it is necessary to do all of that. Running away from responsibility is not spirituality. In fact, it is taking on more responsibility.

First the responsibility of your family, friends and surroundings, then the responsibility of the country, and then the responsibility of the whole world. That is how our responsibility should increase.