5th January 2013 - QA 5

What is the truth of relationships; after being bitten once I am now twice shy. How do I overcome this fear?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

You are asking this question that means you have already overcome the fear. If you had not, you wouldn't even ask this question. You would just say, ‘Relationships, I am not going to go into it’, and you would have run away.

Since you don't have that much fear and only a little bit, and the mind is tempted to go that way, you just want a confirmation seal of mine.

You know, in life, everything is a risk. Your own mind is uncertain. You cannot rely even on your own mind. Relying on somebody else is another thing.

Can you rely on your own mind?

I have seen so many people go for shopping and they say, ‘Can I come back and exchange it, or return it?’

People buy something, they come back home and they don't like it, and they go back and say that they want to exchange this. Especially ladies, the buy a saree and then they come back home and open the saree and they don’t like it and want to exchange it.
A lady used to come and ask me, ‘Gurudev, please bless me so that I shop for the right things. Every time I go shopping, I come back home and then I have to go back again.’
So the mind is always wavering. When your mind is wavering, others’ minds can also be wavering, isn't it?

So there are different people, different emotions, different way of behaviors, and we have to move with them all. We have no choice. Accept and move.

Always there is compromise in life, in any interaction with anyone, young or old.