8 January 2014 - QA 8

Gurudev, how do we Muslims, who come upon your knowledge help Islam?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

I would like you to ponder on it. You will get many answers, apply them all. It is the wrong interpretation of Islam, intolerance, stress, anger and impatience that has compounded and cause the present scenario in the world today. So you can play a very pivotal role.
You can come here with a Divine interpretation that you can take back to your country and your land, and spread inner peace.
I remember, it must be some seven to eight years ago, the king of Morocco sent 50 youth leaders to Ashram. He wanted them to be given training to be ambassadors of peace. And they did a wonderful job.
Even recently, some of them came here asking me to come there. I promised them sometime in near future I’ll come there. We have people working in Iraq, Kurdistan, Iran, Lebanon and even in Egypt. They are very enthusiastic and effective at their work.

You are most welcome to come up with creative ideas and spread the message of peace. I am with you. We all support you.

Recently there was a big riot that happened in Muzaffarnagar, and Art of Living volunteers did a lot of work there. The transformation they brought there and the experience of people has been put on YouTube. You can get a lot of inspiration on what you can do.