8 July 2012 - QA 8

Guruji, I have some difficulties applying the AOL principles and values at work. I understand them and can see how to apply them to my private life, but as soon as I go to work, I find it difficult to reconcile business values and The Art of Living philosophy. Can you give me some examples of how I can apply these principles?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Principles get applied spontaneously and naturally, you do not have to make an effort to apply any principles.

What principles? Accept people as they are – when it is already in the back of the mind you will start doing it automatically. So, none of The Art of Living principles are such that you have to force yourself to apply. Got it?

Keep equanimity whether success or failure – that happens spontaneously. Haven’t you noticed? After doing pranayama, kriya and all, you feel so much better mentally, physically and emotionally. You feel stronger to handle situations. How many of you feel that way? (Many raise their hands) Look, almost everybody. Everyone feels better. So things get better like that.

I say, live in the present moment, and that also starts happening most spontaneously, right!