9 February 2014 - QA 14

(Tanika Gray: News Editor at CNN)
Q: With the media reporting crime and negativity around the world, what do you think is their responsibility towards this violence that is happening? What do you think we should be doing differently?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

I think the media has two important roles to play. One is to place the facts in front of the people as they are. At the same time create hope in people for the future.

You know, the present scenario can be very depressing. The media has to take responsibility not to create more depression in society. They have to give people hope.
Suppose there is a riot, or a crisis, or a war, in that situation also there is hope; there are good people on the planet who are doing some very good work, this must be highlighted. Otherwise when you open the newspaper, all you see is bad news, which is depressing. The people feel that there is no hope in life because the world is so bad.
The citizen of this world will not label society as bad or hopeless. This can happen only when they are bombarded with negative news all the time. So, media will have to balance this out. Create hope, at the same time keep the reality in front of people.