9 October 2012 - QA 4

Gurudev, you ask us to be dispassionate. How can I be dispassionate about you? I love you and the attachment keeps growing every day.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

If this attachment helps you to move away from other unwanted things, then it is okay. If it gives you a focus, it is fine. But if it is causing jealousy, anger, greed and all those negative emotions, you better work on yourself.

Go deep into yourself, meditate and understand it.

Any attachment, if it leads you to the higher self, or a higher goal, it is okay. But, if it is pulling you down, you have to come back to wisdom.

For every action of ours, we should look within our self. If we are blaming something, it means that we cannot be without it.

Generally, you will see, if someone is very bad, you will just move away from them. But when you hate them, that means, there is a deep connection that you are unable to get away from.
You want to be with them, that is why you start disliking them.

The mind is so complex, I tell you. That is why I keep saying, you don’t need any other entertainment channel. The mind is good enough entertainment. You have all the channels going on right here in the mind.

One, who is caught in the whirlpool of mind, only deserves compassion, not anger.

Usually what do you do? If somebody is negative, or they are against you, you become angry at them. You think that they have the freedom.

I feel the other way around. I feel so much compassion, for they have gotten caught up in the whirlpool of their own mind. They don’t know what they are doing and it is very evident from their action.

Also, these people feel very happy when something is going wrong somewhere.

There is a nice program, and rain comes and dampens it, they say, ‘Good! See rain has come, even nature doesn’t support it.’

They feel so happy about it. This is a wrong thing.

You should see it the other around. In spite of rain, people are still sitting and meditating, or doing service or continuing with the program.

But a person who is negative deep inside will only feel happy about anything that is not working.

This is very funny and very strange.

This indicates a sick mind. They cannot tolerate a good thing happening to anybody anywhere in the world. So you can only be compassionate towards such people in the world.