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  1. When it comes to terrorism and the threats that are given to people who are trying to live in peace, what’s your view on military intervention?

    I think military intervention should be the last option. Before that there should be enough diplomatic interaction. Trust building, communication building efforts should be made.
    I would say that track II diplomacy (non-governmental, informal and ...

  2. Your Art of Living center in Pakistan was recently burned to the ground. Thank God nobody was hurt. Would you tell us the story of the strange premonition you had before you lost your Art of Living center in Pakistan.

    A couple of days before the incident, we were supposed to have a Silent Retreat (Advance Course) in that place, and then we had shifted the venue to another place. There were 60 members who were going to be in the silence over that weekend.
    Usually o ...

  3. How can we alleviate the negative consequences of materialism in each of our lives, and how can we teach that in our free societies?

    As I said, consumerism is a problem. It is not wrong to be rich, but it is wrong to exploit people and the planet. That is what is happening.
    In many places, people are trying to become rich while undermining the environment, underminin ...

  4. You have told me that compassion and morality must be a precursor to an effective economic system, but you’re also saying that an effective economic system is important for compassion. Is it true that compassion and free enterprise are intertwined and one must build on the other?

    See, whether capitalism, communism, socialism or secularism, no ism will work without humanism. The heart of humanism is compassion, and it is essential. Without that nothing can work. Everything will be lame. And we’ve f ...

  5. Is your philosophy of compassion compatible with free enterprise and capitalism?

    Definitely. Capitalism without compassion will not lead to a just society. Only a rich person can be compassionate. A poor man’s compassion has no value.

  6. We have been talking for 5 years now about the value of work. Can you tell me your views about the value of work aside from its monetary advantages?

    Hard work keeps you out of trouble. If you don’t do anything then your mind runs too fast and goes where you don’t want it to go. Work is essential to keep yourself busy, to keep yourself sane and creative as well.
    There are ...

  7. If evil is the lack of love, is the solution simply greater love?

    Absolutely. Turn towards light and all this will disappear.

  8. Your Holiness, do you believe in evil?

    I don’t believe in evil but I know that evil is the shadow of lack of goodness. It is an absence of goodness, absence of love, and absence of light.
    In India we believe in six types of evil: Pride, Greed, Arrogance, Jealousy, Anger and Lust. An ...

  9. You have said that there are two ways of looking at life. One is, 'I’ll be happy if I achieve this certain objective'. The other is by saying, 'I am happy, come what may'. Which is the better of the two?

    Obviously the latter in which you find happiness within yourself. You see that your happiness is unconditional.
    One is a taker and the other is a giver.

    As children when we took things we were happy. But as grandparents, we feel ...

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