Environment Testimonial 6

Deepening Roots gave me the confidence and energy to make a real difference. This internship changed me from a person who worried about the environment and social issues to someone who can work effectively for positive change. During the year following my internship, I worked hard to make my school a more sustainable place. I co-founded the sustainability club; educating students and community members about issues such as carbon footprint. I worked with the head of dining services to draft a plan for OIT to purchase local food. I sought a work study with the Oregon Renewable Energy Center, helping them with their mission to expand the use of clean energy. None of these things would have happened without the confidence, skills, and energy I received from Deepening Roots. It helped me change myself and inspired me to change the world around me.

Daniel Goettel

2007 participant, current DR program assistant.

  Badakhshan province