Simple Solution for Inner & Outer Climate Change

Sun, 01/30/2011
Location Information: 
Chennai  Andhra Pradesh

Sri Sri Ravishankar in his inaugural address at the SSIOC Summit that was organized by The Art of Living Foundation at IIT Madras on 30th of January 2011, said that, Climate has no borders. A Storm always begins in one state and attacks another state. The air doesn't see boundaries and similarly the ill effects of Climate Change also is not restricted to boundaries. Sri Sri also said that the inner climate can only bring the attitudinal change to work towards the external climate. He said that, all the inner emotions and feelings inside a person makes him/her work in such a way that he/she disturbs the external climate. Ravishankar ji said that the major cause for the failure of all global climate summits is mainly due to the hot headed politicians.

Sri Sri asked each one present in the audience to take a vow to plant at least 5 trees in his/her lifetime to ensure a sustainable world for the future. Sri Sri urged that, the need of the hour is, care and compassion for all around you, commitment for sustainable development. This will happen only with a spiritual touch. Sri Sri ended with advising to preserve Indigenous seeds and perform research activities on them.

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