100,000 Argentinians to participate in the Planet Meditates event

Andhra Pradesh, India
31st August 2012

Argentina to witness its biggest meditation as Gurudev tours the country

Bangalore, Aug. 31: Come September and Argentina will witness its biggest ever meditation for peace of 100,000 people from 300 cities in the presence of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

The Art of Living founder, spiritual leader and humanitarian will embark on a tour to Argentina from September 5, 2012, with a message of inner peace and societal transformation to create a stress-free, violence-free society.

During his 5-day visit, Gurudev will meet various diplomats, parliamentarians including the Governor of Buenos Aires, Senators and Mayor. He will also address a series of public and private forums including business leaders and youth. He will also visit the San Martin Prison – a top security prison where inmates of two pavilions regularly practice the Art of Living meditation techniques and Sudarshan Kriya.

Over the years, The Art of Living has worked in the region bringing about peace and inner harmony through ancient practical wisdom and breathing techniques. A testimony to the fact is that each week around 3500 people take up various Art of Living programs.

Inspired by The Art of Living programs, "Groove" one of the trendiest night clubs of Buenos Aires, has pioneered Yoga Rave events in Argentina and around the world. The club plays Sanskrit mantras to the electronic beats and is a new concept in fun -- free from non-vegetarian food, alcohol, smoking or drugs.

Breaking the barriers of religion and language and inspired by Gurudev, the volunteers in Latin America have actively engaged in various service initiatives. In 2011, Gurudev had been credited for his immense contribution and was featured among the inspirational personalities who influenced millions of lives in the varied spheres by La Nacion, Argentina’s leading daily.

The Art of Living with its emphasis on human values and a commitment to non-violence, has reached out to 152 countries with a vision to promote human values, foster interfaith harmony, build communal unity, encourage social responsibility, spearhead humanitarian causes and educating humanity in life-skills and equipping people to face life’s challenges.

Key engagements during his tour:

September 5, 2012:

Address at the Siglo 21 University

September 6, 2012:

  • Conference at University

  • Visit the San Martin Prison – a top security prison where inmates of two pavilions regularly practice meditation and Sudarshan Kriya.

September 7, 2012:

  • Meet with the Governor, Buenos Aires

  • Public address with a gathering of 20,000 people in Buenos Aires

  • Meet with the diplomats

  • Leadership meet – addressing CEOs, Presidents of leading companies of Argentina

September 8, 2012:

  • Meet with Senators and Mayor

  • Public gathering and address

September 9, 2012:

  • ‘Planet Meditates’. The biggest ever meditation for peace with 100,000 people

  • Inauguration of The Art of Living meditation park

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