1,500 kids to be trained in life-skills by AoL

30 May 2012

Bangalore, May 30(IANS) About 1,500 children from India, Singapore, Malyasia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will flock to the Art of Living (AoL) Foundation campus here Thursday to participate in 'Colours of Joy,' a four-day summer retreat.

"Children from various countries will be trained in life-skills to face challenges and live a full life with a purpose. They will be taught yoga and meditation and how to participate in interactive sessions to handle peer pressure and exam stress," AoL founder Ravi Shankar said in a statement here late Tuesday.

The children, in the 8-17 years age group, will also take part in a workshop where a bouquet of programmes will be conducted.

"The four-day workshop will focus on the all-round growth of the children, helping them to overcome inhibitions, fears, achieve good health, enhance their confidence and creativity," Shankar said.

The workshop will include a special interactive session in which the AoL founder will speak to the youngsters on topics like career, peer-pressure, choices in life, relationships, success and failure. "The workshop is designed to let the children bloom into confident and happy individuals. It will offer every child an opportunity to interact, share and experience different cultures and mind sets. They will be taught to see life in equanimity and to accept challenges and learn from different experiences," AoL faculty member Shreya Chugh said.

Interactive sessions addressing personal and social challenges children face; games and fun-filled activities to promote team-spirit and alertness; and musical evenings are some of the other features of the workshop.

In 'A time to go back to the roots', children will participate in special sessions on chanting, the Subhashitas, Gita, stories from Puranas, handicraft and pottery workshops, talks on organic farming, a trip to the cowshed and a discourse on the glory of India.