4-day Hindu Spiritual Fair Begins in Rajasthan

Jaipur:  A four-day Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair focusing on various works undertaken by Hindu organisations began here today with spiritual leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar exhorting the youth to dedicate their lives to helping the needy.

Addressing a huge gathering of Hindu disciples and sants here, Art of Living mentor Ravishankar said India was always rich in "service, meditation and spiritual discourse" on which Sanatan Dharam (Hinduism) had survived for centuries.

"Seva, sadhana, guru aur satsang iss desh ke rag rag mein hai, har ghar mein hai (service, meditation, preceptor and spiritual discourse runs in our blood)," he said while inaugurating the HSSF fair.

"Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) does not have just one face.

Like multi-faced Indian gods and goddesses, it too is multifaceted. Our voice is one. We also believe in "vaid kutumb" (one family)," he said.

Stating that these kind of fairs were inspiring for people especially the youth to learn the importance social service, "Inspiring the youth to dedicate their lives to helping the needy is what is required now." 

"Sants and ashrams (hermitages) are precious pearls...

And, this kind of a Hindu spiritual and service fair is a way to string all the pearls in a thread together".

"We should feel proud of our ancient culture and also appreciate new things (thoughts or work). Need to use both heart and mind to serve people in society. Life without service is not worth living. If we have to achieve in life, we should provide service to the needy people." 

"Social service can eradicate many evils in the society particularly liquor use," he stressed.

Courtsey : Press Trust of India