5 Russian Couples Marry According To Vedic Traditions

Art of Living International Ashram,
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
19th February 2015

5 Russian couples walked into a lifetime partnership at The picturesque Art of Living International Centre when they tied the knot according to the Vedic traditions.

The ceremony which was solemnized in accordance with the Vedic tradition saw learned pandits at the ashram chant the ancient Vedic hymns as the couples vowed to a life of togetherness.

Throwing light on the significance of marrying according to the vedic traditions, Dinesh Kashikar, Art of Living faculty shares, "  When something happens through tradition, sustenance is associated with it. These traditions have been followed for ages, so one feels like a part of something ancient. Vedic marriage shows a person who seeks to be spiritually evolved that there is no conflict in leading a married life and growing spiritually. It clears a conflict, that marriage is not a part of spiritual life."

In recent years, the Art of Living International centre has played host to people from countries like  Russia, Argentina, USA, Mongolia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Pakistan Cannada, Germany, Lithuania, Ireland, Korea, Norway, Uruguay and Sweden have chosen the ashram as their wedding destination.

Universal appeal of Vedic weddings, explains Dinesh Kashikar, is in the chanting of mantras, while explaining its significance. In this wedding, the five elements and nature bare witness to the ceremony. They are more permanent than human witnesses. "The seven promises made during the saptapadi also signifies characteristic of married life, of being together. Rituals performed during the wedding ceremony hold a symbolic significance, like the 'Laja Homa' that is performed with puffed rice. Puffed rice signifies fullness, and mantras chanted during Laja Home takes us into the fulness in our lives."  he shares.