The Tree Of Learning

Coming to SSU was a sudden decision. I took a risk but I had the silent confidence that I would be happy here.

My first month at college was quite exciting, meeting students from every corner of India, from diverse backgrounds. We share an irrevocable bond and it has only grown stronger with the insignificant fights that pop up once in a while.

Our academic program at the Faculty of Management Studies is rigorous. There is a lot to juggle with presentations, case studies, balance sheet analysis, creating business plans, and of course, student life.

At SSU, we have our very own banyan tree; our logo is inspired by this tree. I call it the "Tree of Knowledge". I like to draw a comparison between the structure of the tree and the educational experience at SSU to describe my experience.

1 - Values

Just like the roots hold the tree firmly to the ground, the values of peace, love, belongingness, and ethics are the basis of education here. They keep us firmly grounded.

2 - Self-Audit and the Capstone project

Just as the trunk gives the tree its shape and strength, these two aspects are an integral part of the curriculum. These programs enable students to showcase their public relations and practical skills. Through these programs, students are asked to select and work on a problem/situation pertaining to the corporate world. This allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the subject. They are also guided and evaluated by industry experts in the process. When utilized well, these opportunities can translate into a pre-placement offer. We are also exposed to different aspects of management through weekly industry interactions.

3 - Student Committees

Like the branches of the tree, these committees help students branch out based on their interests. Working together in a team to achieve a common goal has improved my planning and organizing skills. I am much more confident now. The college management encourages new ideas and is ever-present to guide us.

4 - Spirituality

Like the leaves that are present everywhere on the branches of a tree, the spiritual quotient from the Art of Living is all-pervasive. Practices such as yoga, pranayama, and meditation are integrated into student life. This nurtures the holistic development of every student from within.

And finally, the students are the fruits of the tree – fully grown, ripe, and strong.
The university promotes a blend of spiritual and modern management practices to mould students into “change makers”. If you are considering an MBA, Sri Sri University is definitely the place to be!