Sri Sri University Offers Programs in Governance, Yoga & Performing Arts

Sri Sri University offers academic programs for those who wish to be strong, ethical leaders in the fields of administration, yoga, and the performing arts.

Faculty Of Good Governance & Public Policy

Good governance requires sound policy making. Few institutes in the country offer the combination. An education in good governance and public policy is therefore of paramount importance; leaders need to be strongly rooted in principles while nurturing a broad, inclusive vision.

The Master's program in Good Governance and Public Policy at the Sri Sri University is targeted towards individuals who wish to learn more about governance in different areas.
The program, through electives in corporate governance, NGO governance, political governance, and administrative governance, is useful for those who want to:

1 - Work as CSR managers in the corporate sector

2 Participate in electoral politics as leaders or managers

3 Promote or manage civil societies or NGOs

4 Aspire to become civil servants and make a career as public relations managers

5 Choose to be a part of the policy think-tank in the government, nationally and internationally

Apart from a curriculum of global standards, which includes a choice-based elective system and guidance from an experienced and expert faculty, the FGGPP offers globally-networked career development assistance.

The program includes a policy action lab, where students, faculty, policy makers, activists, and citizens can participate to discuss and conceptualize contemporary policy challenges and issues, as well as a summer internship program. The program offers exposure to the real-world policymaking process while developing qualitative and quantitative analytical skills.

Faculty Of Yoga

The Faculty of Yoga at the Sri Sri University seeks to train lifestyle experts who are more than just yoga teachers.

The Bachelor's, Master's, and Certificate programs offered by the University promote practical life skills to sustain a yogic lifestyle in modern society with a blend of yoga and management techniques to mould yoga entrepreneurs.

The programs provide a comprehensive study of the rich history and philosophy of yoga along with in-depth training in its practice and methodologies. The curriculum offers training in Hatha Yoga along with training in nutrition, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, human psychology, and counselling.

The learning process is a blend of classroom learning techniques and the traditional Gurukul way of life, which includes yogasanas and meditation, karma yoga, mantra chanting, periods of silence (mauna), and a controlled diet (mitahara).

Faculty Of Performing Arts

The Faculty of Performing Arts aims to impart holistic training in the classical arts that nurture human values.

The Faculty of Performing Arts at the Sri Sri University offers Bachelor's and Master's programs as well as Certificate courses in Odissi.

The curriculum at the Sri Sri University includes observation trips, guest lectures, experiential learning, as well as stage performances.

Students are taken on observation trips to understand the various dimensions of stage performances. Students are also exposed to the vibrant culture of India through field trips to culturally rich and historic centers of the country.

The curriculum includes industry interactions through guest lectures and personal guidance by internationally acclaimed artistes. The teaching methodology is attentive to professional excellence as well as spiritual growth, to mould students into confident artistes.

The Art Of Living Advantage

The principles of the Art of Living, which offer tools and techniques to handle stress with a smile, are an integral part of student life at the Sri Sri University. These techniques are also highly effective in enhancing confidence, creativity, and expression.

Students at the Sri Sri University take the Oath of Ethics administered by the World Forum for Ethics in Business, which binds them to be responsible for the consequences of their professional actions.Students can potentially access the vast global network of the Art of Living, through interactions with global experts in almost every field, as well as through opportunities for internships and placements. Students also gain global exposure through the Art of Living’s world-class conferences, festivals, and events, which offer a platform to showcase their talents and skills.