Addresses - 2001 - 1992


  • “Volunteering for Humanism in the New Millennium”- VIII IAVE Asia-Pacific Conference, New Delhi, India (November)
  • 11th International Forum on Technology Management- India (November)
  • “Sacredness Transcends Time and Space” - Opening Ceremony of the Museum of World Religions, Taipei, Taiwan (November)
  • “Human Values in the 21st Century” - Strasbourg, France (June)
  • “Where are the Peacemakers?” - World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland (February)


  • “Living Human Values: A Call to Action” - Amsterdam, Netherlands (November)
  • “Shaping Globalization”- State of the World Forum (September)
  • 'Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders' - United Nations, New York, U.S.A. (August)


  • “Human Values and Human Rights in the 21st Century”- National Press Club, Washington DC (May)
  • Calcutta Management Association - India (April)


  • 'Breaking the Cycle of Violence' - Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A (June)
  • Interfaith Conference - Paris, France (April)
  • Human Rights & Human Values in the 21st Century - Vienna, Austria (May)
  • Human Rights & Human Values in the 21st Century - Geneva, Switzerland (April)
  • Calcutta Management Association, Kolkata, India (April)
  • Inter Religious Conference - Parliament of Croatia (January)
  • The World’s Great Religions and Their Transformation in the 21st Century - University of California, U.S.A (January)


  • International Conference of Religions - Kyoto, Japan
  • International Congress of Catholic Priests - (September)
  • Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Conference - Washington DC & Los Angeles, USA (July)


  • Conference of Spiritual Luminaries celebrating the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, New York, USA


  • Ayurveda Conference, Art of Living International Center, India