Addresses - 2003 - 2002


  • Interfaith Conference for World Religious Leaders - Seville, Spain (December)
  • 5th World Congress on Environmental Management- Himachal Pradesh, India (June)
  • 11th International Anti-Corruption Conference - “Different Cultures, Common Values” - Seoul, South Korea (May)
  • 'Uplifting Spirit Through Education', University of California, Berkeley, USA, (May)
  • “Science, Meditation and Creativity”- NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, Washington DC, USA (April)
  • Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi, India (March)
  • “Symposium Towards Peace, Progress and Salvation”- Jammat-E-Islami Hind, Bangalore, India (March)
  • Inter Pacific Bar Association, New Delhi, India (February)
  • “Dawn of the New ICE Age – Philosophic Consideration on Convergence”- Inter Pacific Bar Association, India (February)
  • World Conference on Religion for Peace - “Prayer and Meditation for Peace” - Washington DC, U.S.A (January)
  • Symposium: Science and the Spiritual Quest- Bangalore, India (January)
  • World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland - “Love and Trust” (January)
  • World Youth Peace Summit - Art of Living International Center, India (Dec. 7)
  • Human Values, Science & Sustainable Development - Art of Living International Center, India (Nov.)
  • Corporate Culture & Spirituality - Art of Living International Center, India (Nov. 21-23)
  • World Conference on Spiritual Regeneration & Human Values - Art of Living International Center, India (Jan. 18)
  • Ayurveda Conference - Art of Living International Center, India


  • Madrid Convention on Aging - Madrid, Spain (December)
  • World Ayurveda Congress - Kochi, India (November)
  • “Social Partnerships Make Business Sense”- Confederation of Indian Industry, Mumbai, India (November)
  • Contributions of the Holy Vedas and the Holy Quran to Science- Bangalore, India (August)
  • Technology and Tradition- Confederation of Indian Industries, Hyderabad, India (August)
  • First Dalit Conference - Bangalore, India (August)
  • World Peace Through Prayer and Meditation - Venice, Italy (May)
  • Symposium on the Science of Breath- All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India (March)
  • Empowerment of Dalits - Art of Living International Center, India (Nov. 29 - Dec.1)