Advanced Programs

There is such a range of programs and activities going on in The Art of Living that we have provided a recommended order of courses to help you as a guide. This is not a strict order, but do consult with you Part I instructor if you would like to “forward” to a more advanced course. It is also our experience that many people enjoy repeating the Part I course, which you can do for a much reduced fee.

After taking “The Art of Breathing” (Part I) or YES!+, you will probably want to check out knowledge workshops. These are courses based on lectures given by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, for example, the Bhakti Sutras whose topic is the perennial matters of love and relationships.

After that, a natural step is to take a meditation course, Sahaj Samadhi, which teaches you how to meditate at home. The next step might be “The Art of Silence” (Part II), which provides a thorough and deep rest in the space of just four days. After “The Art of Silence” (Part II), you will almost certainly want to participate in the Part III course if a longer deeper rest is required or DSN if you are looking for a challenge!

If you have not yet taken a course offered by The Art of Living, visit the Basic Programs area.