Agitation and ahimsa

29 Aug 2011
New Delhi

By Sanjiv Kakar

Today we see tens of thousands of citizens, including many youth taking to the streets for a better tomorrow. In a country with a sizeable young population, having youngsters in the forefront of a political agitation is not surprising. We only hope that the movement remains nonviolent, for violence always ends in failure and it is truth that wins.

It was a spiritual force that guided our nation through nonviolence to freedom.The fact that so many youth are taking to the streets in a spirit of ahimsa is commendable. The real test, however, is when nonviolent protestors face resistance, opposition, or violence. With spiritual practices like meditation, we can go deep within and experience the space of silence and love. Anger and hatred come in the way of dialogue and conflict resolution. Patience is required for sustained negotiations.

Spirituality can solve social problems. Gurudev has called for a spiritual tsunami as the means of transforming people and creating a divine society. This should especially inspire youth, for they are eager to do something for society. As Gurudev says, "The seed of the universe is deep inside you. ..your life is more than your activity. Life is not just about achieving; it is about contributing."

Without spiritual training, ahimsa is fragile. Let us hold our breath and pray that people fed up with corruption continue to hold onto spiritual values. Corruption happens where there is no belongingness and spirituality is experiencing belongingness with everyone.

Nurturing the spirit of ahimsa and truth is what youth need. We need to recognise the divinity in everyone, including ourselves. Once we are in touch with ourselves and can celebrate the silence within, nothing can provoke us. Read more