AHMED KATRADA: African politician, representing the Nelson Mandela Foundation, South Africa: Thank you for inviting me to take part in this initiative, to encourage a global dialogue. We have seen in the recent history where the  most violent conflicts in some countries have ended in the negotiation table. In our country itself, we are proud to report that in spite of all thoughts   and all sorts of expectations, our struggle after many years ended,  at the negotiating table. It was a peaceful transformation, which has been hailed throughout the world. One of the major factors contributing towards a non-violent transition is also the spirit of volunteerism. You know the masses had to be involved in directly in the process, and it is with the help of volunteers from the country that mobilized the people to take part to support this peaceful transition. So, what we really need is the restoration of volunteerism in this country, which unfortunately is absent these days, or virtually, one should say; because people have unfortunately been drawn by money. Whenever and if they were approached to volunteer, I shouldn’t say all the people approached, the first question is ‘how much money?’’ So, let us hope and pray that this spirit of volunteerism will come back sooner than later. Thank you.

GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR: Yes, we need the spirit of volunteerism today more than ever before. Every country should start this movement for volunteers to come together. A movement that is apolitical and social in nature, which will spread compassion, love with a sense of service. Let us start this volunteerism in every part of this world and make our world a beautiful place for the next generation to come, at least for the next generation to come.