Anna Hazare - Fast breaking speech

April 2011,Anna Hazare speaks after breaking his fast unto death for the Lokpal Bill:

Anna Hazare: “Today you all saw how enthusiastically and strongly we won! I speak for all the people who encouraged us to continue this endeavour, gave us inspiration and sang songs of National pride and courage. Our sisters are sitting by our sides, and I want to thank them for they also boosted our resolve to continue this struggle. Here we also have our brothers, sisters and comrades from the Art of Living family!

A message came just now from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji in which He has said that all those who have worked for, and participated in this revolution – brothers, sisters, the youth at large – everyone, who put aside their caste, religion or sect they belonged to – and came together to work for this great cause – I thank you and congratulate you all!

In this revolution, all those people who contributed whole heartedly with all their resources, money and also physical rallied for this great cause – I thank you all!