Art of Living Programme Encourages Women to Quit Alcohol

Fulpur, Allahabaad: Three kilometers from the district headquarters, Fulpur, Bodai village had become a centre of alcoholism. Women tapped the business potential and produced alcohol to meet the demands of the locals as well as the neighboring areas.

Soon, about 90 percent of the women got addicted to alcohol because of easy availability.

"The local administration took notice of the problem after the media carried reports about the women’s addiction," said S.N. Mourya, SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate) of Fulpur. After discussing the problem with Panchayat Pradhan Jeetlal, he approached an Art of Living faculty to conduct a workshop for the addicts. An Art of Living teacher, Amrish readily agreed, and the event was sponsored by Ifco Day.

“More than 150 villagers were taught meditation, pranayama and other techniques which helped them to overcome their negative emotions. After the training, most of them vowed to quit alcohol and about 40 percent of the women turned over a new leaf,” said Savitri, a social leader.

Soon, the group met Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and everyone was moved by his words: “For as many years you all have been feeding people with alcohol, serve people with milk for the same amount of time. This is the way to get over the guilt of doing a wrong practice for so many years.” Most of them have now given up the profession and have found alternative jobs to meet the needs of their families. The Art of Living is organizing events regularly in the village to prevent them from going back to their old business.