The Art of Living Foundation regularly organizes a clean up campaign in Argentina under the slogan "Clean your city, Clear your mind". Hundreds of people, entire families, doctors, lawyers, housewives and children go with their dogs and friends to the parks, beaches, roads and public areas to clean, armed with bags and shirts that say "I take resposability".

The press often covers the intelligent idea and encourages people to participate.

The cleaning campaign aims at raising awareness among citizens in caring for the  environment and nature. By environment, we mean the planet, continent, country, city, neighborhood. The idea of "Clean your mind" is to have a happy relaxed mind.

We have implemented this project in the city of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, but also as far down as Tierra del Fuego, in the beaches, facing the atlantic ocean and looking to the south pole in Ushuaia. The teams also clean in shantytowns, inviting people to join "Clean Up Your City", ending with an open meditation. Participants discover
the pleasure, peace and joy of seva and meditation.

The idea is to make a change improving waste management, first in the cities and then expande it all over the country to have policies that make aware of keeping their green areas and the city, also the future aim is to raise awareness so that government take note and participate drafting laws to protect and keep the places cleaner.

Taking responsibility we will generate the change!