Strengthening women program
in Argentina

The Art of Living BWS programe “STRENGTHENING WOMEN” is working in shelters for battered women, abused and young victims rescued from trafficking.

In Buenos Aires City, the capital of argentina voluntaries have been working for over 15 months offering the BWS programe to women who have suffered abused or have been battered, or have been rescued from female trafficking and live now in different government institutions.

The team of women volunteers leading by Art of Living teachers work hard with love and dedication, visiting each institution weekly, meditating with them and monitoring each case sharing joy with the participants, generating sense of belongings and giving them hope for a better life.

Today, the women who have been helped eagerly await for teachers and sevas to arrive, prepares the room with joy and enthusiasm. They have gotten back the enthusiasm and enjoy after experiencing moments of deep rest, peace and relaxation through meditation during each visit.

The BWS programs, RAM meditation, yoga and Knowledge, have lead them to improve their relationship as well as the relationship between mothers and children.

The programme also reaches those institutions where are youth of sexual abuse or female trafficking for prostitution.

Some of the women suffered from different disabilities. However, thanks to the practices of breath and meditation of the BWS courses, the changes are visible. These young ladies not only feel more relax, but also blossom and their skills are flowrishing .

A teacher said that one of the abused girls had felt compassion for their culprit after meditation. Their hearts are opening open to receive knowledge and care.

Experiences of teachers:

One day, during meditation a girl came with her baby brother in her arms, a volunteer took the baby to allow her mother to meditate with her mother and that was already some help.

Another young girl, 6 month pregnant, offered herself to help in any manner the foundation need her for she said that thanks to Art of Living she realized she was the one who really was hurting herself and it was her was not allowing love joy and hapiness to come".

"On a Saturday, Celeste a child mother told us she had been singing bhajans and feeling really happy".