YES! + Course (18-30 yrs)

A Big Plus for Youth

YES+ is a fun, dynamic course for college students and young professionals that can give your life the boost of energy you have been looking for.

To get the most out of life, we need to increase energy, conserve the energy we have, and manage our time well. YES+ teaches us how to be productive and dynamic while staying cool and centered. During YES+, you learn powerful breathing techniques, yogameditation and practical wisdom for our modern world. You can take these techniques back home, incorporate them in your daily lives, and as a result, experience a range of benefits.

  • Benefits
  • Technique
  • Testimonials
    • Strengthen leadership skills
    • Enhance memory and concentration
    • Eliminate doubt and worry
    • Decrease stress and anxiety
    • Restful sleep and stronger immune system
    • Be happy, vibrant and joyful
    • Improve relationships
  • The yesplus workshop is a combination of meditation, knowledge and action.

    • Sudarshan Kriya and other breath modalities to heal and harmonize the body, mind and spirit
    • Practical skills for improving focus and productivity and giving you the courage to “go for it” and create the life of you dreams
    • Profound wisdom for managing negative emotions and challenging situations as well as for strengthening relationships and recovering more quickly from emotional trauma and disappointments
  • "As a university student, I struggled with finding ways to concentrate and perform tasks under numerous deadlines. But by practicing the breathing yoga, I am able to focus under pressure and produce quality work. The teachers of AOL not only taught me how to be calm and relaxed, but also inspired me to do my best in any given situation. I recommend taking this class. "
    -- Andy, U.C Davis, CA

    "The Yesplus course has changed the way I look at situations. I can be in a very stressful environment and still feel relaxed and focused! It is the best thing that has happened to me."
    -- Pankti, NJ

    "I've always thought that freeing myself from stress, worry, and anxiety required a trip to the hottest spa in the city, a vacation to the most exotic island, and/or a glass (or two) of my favorite alcoholic beverage. I wish that I had known earlier that escape from all of the above was available to me each day, for free, and didn't require me to go anywhere... Who knew that simply breathing, could be so powerful? Taking this breathing/meditation class has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. My stress and anxiety levels have decreased dramatically. I'm at ease in social situations (without needing to be intoxicated) and connecting on a deeper level with people and having great conversations with friends and even strangers."
    -- LaSha G., Oakland, CA

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