ARNAB GOSWAMI: Indian journalist & Editor-in-Chief of the Indian news channel Times Now: Thank you very much for allowing me to take part in this very important interaction. I have a question, a very personal question for Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar, for whom I have the highest respect.

Gurudev, my question to you is that there is so much injustice going around in our society, there is so much wrong which happens, e.g. if we talk about the crimes against women. My question to you is in the context of the media, Gurudev. When the media talks about the injustice which happens, and when the media reflects the anger that is there in society, at this injustice, it is often accused of provoking negative sentiments. Do you agree with this point of view?

Secondly, following from that, media and people want a more proactive approach in changing things. You have strongly advocated spirituality. How much can one depend on faith? In other words, how much faith can one have on faith alone to solve the problems of our society? Thank you so much for allowing me to take part, I would like to know your views, Gurudev.

GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR: Yes! Wonderful Arnab, you are doing a great service, bringing diverse people on the platform every day. People do enjoy interacting with you, and watching you interacting with many people. I would say life has to be taken in a holistic approach; it’s not one thing that could cure the ills of the society. Spirituality also has its components, it is an important component; but spirituality needs to be combined with social work, creating awareness in people and proactive attitude towards justice and peace. All this needs media’s exposure - of the injustice that is happening, wrong things that are happening in the society – it is equally important. But you know sometimes if we overdo anything that can cause nausea to people. Suppose a particular problem is there and if we just go on for months together on that, then people get really put off by that, they feel it’s little too much and really nauseating. There is a limit, and that limit you have to find yourself, nobody else can find that limit for you. You have to find that there is a balance that we need to maintain; there is a limit to our exposing the negative tendencies that are there in the society, and also at the same time, giving the positive solutions as well.  It’s easy to be a part of a problem, but to be part of a solution, it needs some effort, and that effort needs to be put together. Yes? And if every individual takes the responsibility to turn the negative sentiments or event into a more positive happening in the society, then we will be able to build a better society around us.