Art of Living and IAHV emergency response task force

This is a call to invite volunteers to be a part of IAHV-AOL’s Emergency Response Task Force.

The International Association for Human Values-Art of Living has been involved with humanitarian relief to those affected by natural and man made disasters and post-disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Having its niche in Trauma Relief Workshops for the victims of the disasters, IAHV-Art of Living has been engaged in relief and rehabilitation activities in all disaster-hit areas and wants to strengthen activities related to emergency response by creating an Emergency Response Task Force. This Task Force will comprise of a group of people trained to deal with all kinds of natural or man made disasters and who can respond in such situations, rescue and rehabilitate people, and rebuild basic infrastructure.
The program will span over 12 days and will include exercises on first aid, search and rescue, tackling fire, triage, and so on.

This is a call for interested candidates to get trained and be a part of the Task Force For Emergency Response. Given below is a list of criteria for the eligibility of candidates. An application form is attached.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Age to be more than 18 years

  • Physically and mentally strong

  • Ready to dedicate at least a month's time to the disaster-hit area post training

  • Ready to be sent to any location once training and assessment is successfully completed

Last Day to submit the application is Feb 14, 2014

For any questions, contact :


  • The entire training expenses will be borne by IAHV

  • Candidates will be assessed for suitability during training and after completion of the training; only on passing these will they be selected for the Emergency Response Task Force

  • Once selected, candidates will need to pledge their commitment to the task force by signing up when called for any emergency for at least a month. 

Post training and deployment to the disaster-hit area, the candidate himself will be responsible for his personal safety and well being

We are requesting all inspired volunteers to come and be a part of our own Emergency Response Task Force

To download IAHV-AOL’s emergency response task force form