Art of Living brings trauma care to Sichuan quake victims

Alabama, United States
30th May 2008

Trauma relief sessions broadcast live, 15,000 to benefit in 2 days

SICHUAN,CHINA: To match the scale of the earthquake in China, the Art of Living is using the broadcast medium for maximum outreach. In the next 48 hrs in Sichuan, China, Art of Living Trauma Relief Program will reach 10,000 people through live telecast by Chengdu Electric (the Provincial State Electricity Grid).

Over the next two days, three such programmes will also be conducted in a major primary school for teaching faculty, parents and children. Simultaneously, at Sichuan University, 90 psychology students will be oriented to become Facilitators at Art of Living Programs.

Another much-needed and novel initiative to support volunteers offering relief is Trauma Relief Drop-in Centre that has been established by Art of Living for volunteers of the Communist Youth League. This League is the coordinating agency for search and recovery of victims. The volunteers, returning from disaster-hit regions, bear psychological imprints of the earthquake.

Thousands have already benefited from Art of Living Relief operations. Schools, victims of the earthquake, (including children), psychiatric doctors, volunteers searching for missing people are among the many that have benefited from the trauma-relief programs., The faculty of the Chengdu Paotongshu Primary School and over 240 personnel of the Sheraton, Intercontinental and the Kempinski hotels are some of the others who have undergone the workshop.

The Art of Living also provided much-needed medical supplies for the Field Disaster Hospital of the German Red Cross Society. Within 14 days of the earthquake the Art of Living had moved into its second phase of Trauma Relief Operations as directed by His Holiness Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar with an international team from seven countries.

The first phase of relief operations saw free distribution of medicines and immediate relief material. When combined with emotional healing, the result is more holistic.This approach to trauma-relief has met great success in Kosovo, Iraq, the rehabilitation efforts after Hurricane Katrina, and the Tsunami of South-East Asia.The Art of Living needs medicines, drinking water, tents and food to support its Rehabilitative efforts in China.

To help the relief efforts, contact: 09972544009