The Art of Living designs the tallest ever Ganesha statue in Sri Lanka

Central, Sri Lanka
5th September 2011

Come December and Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka will experience a new dimension in the celebrations of the centuries-old festival of Pillayar Kathai (stories about Lord Ganesha). This traditional Tamil festival is an opportunity for the faithful to offer gratitude to Lord Ganesha. Devotional singing, sacred chants, fasting and fervent prayers mark the 21-day celebration.

To lend a uniquely creative expression to the festival and invoke blessings for world peace The Art of Living in Sri Lanka is currently designing a 15 feet high colourful statue of Lord Ganesha. In a first-of-its kind event in Sri Lanka, several youth artisans of Jaffna will now have a chance to display their skills and talents while underprivileged children will receive support under this Art-for-Children Project.

Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s global creative peace-building initiatives, Vidyut Udiaver a teacher with The Art of Living in Sri Lanka conceived the idea for the island-nation. Vidyut shares, “Spirituality encourages creativity and development, all of which are an impelling need in the north and east of Sri Lanka. The donations received for this Art-for-Children project is expected to support the less privileged childrens` learning and living.

The youth artisans will be directed by Swami Sharanuji of The Art of Living (India) whose over 15 years` experience in producing abstract art and sculpture has delighted art lovers worldwide. The local youth team is enthused to conjure-up the tallest ever Ganesha statue. Swami Sharanu shares, “It is not just about the height. The 15-feet height of the Ganesha statue is also an inspiration for people to go inward and deeper in meditation, beyond forms. In ancient days the art form or the creative object was designed as the starting point to reach the formless, to go beyond forms. Even in Europe the best of art was housed in the places of worship.”

Guided meditations, sacred chants and devotional music will be delivered during the 21-day festival wherein several hundreds from across the island-nation are expected to view the divine exposition and meditate too.

Those who wish to encourage and express support to our Art-for-Children Project in Sri Lanka with a monetary contribution may write in confidence to (or) Art of Living in Sri Lanka is a duly registered charity currently supporting over 75 children.