The Art of Living welcomes the Indian PM in Mongolia

18th May 2015

Dressed in hues of the Indian ​tricolor​ , the Art of Living showcased the Indian tradition of yoga ​in honour​ of the first visit of the Indian Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi to Mongolia.

Commending the Art of living and its reach in Mongolia, the PM said, " I was so happy seeing people of Mongolia proudly perform sun salutation wearing India's tricolor flag uniform, people of all ages were doing sun salutations. And not only that, they were singing ​'​ Va​sude​v kutumbakam ​'.​ ​ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has traveled all over the world and spread the spiritual consciousness born in India, and mo​ulded it with a modern look for the liking of the new generation of the world. In Mongolia from every house​,​ ​ ​'​The ​ A​rt of living's​'​ ​message is echoed. No one could have imagined that a country smaller than Andaman in population could have organised a such a large gathering​."​

For his numerous initiatives and his services towards uplifting the spirits of Mongolians and helping improve the quality of life​,  Gurudev has been awarded the country’s highest civilian honor, the Pole Star​.

​"​Gurudev told me there is a wonderful spiritual atmosphere of consciousness in Mongolia, and you must take some time to meet the people. If I would have come back from Mongolia without meeting you all, my visit would have been incomplete.​" the Honorable PM concluded.​

Mongolia has over the years has reached out to India for its wealth of spir​ituality. Today, ​ out of the​ population of 3 million ​ about 1.​5​ million people ​ including several parliamentarians and leaders are​ practicing the Sri Sri Yoga, Meditation and Breathing Techniques.