The Art of Meditation Course (Sahaj Samadhi)

"Meditation is deep relaxation. A mind without agitation is meditation. A mind in the present moment is meditation. Concentration, sharp memory, increased intelligence, alertness, sensitivity, calmness, and peace are all results of meditation." – Bhanumati Narasimhan, Art of Meditation teacher.

Our minds are often busy swinging between thoughts about the past and thoughts about the future. This distraction prevents us from fully experiencing and enjoying what is right in front of us. The constant activity eats into our energy and can cause us mental, emotional, and physical stress. The subtle art of meditation takes us beyond our minds’ usual habits and into a state of relaxed alertness.

The Art of Meditation Course provides:

  • A solid foundation on the science and principles of meditation
  • Instruction in Sahaj Samadhi, an effortless mantra meditation technique
  • Instructions and recommendations for practicing meditation at home