Asia's first Yoga Marathon in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
Marathon, Central, Sri Lanka
29th July 2011

Sri Lanka has seen marathon events be it walking,running, cycling or swimming. The art and science of yoga now chooses Sri Lanka for its marathon.

“When a beautiful island celebrates yoga, even continents join in,” says VidyutUdiaver, yoga teacher with The Art of Living and organizer of this marathon. Health and fitness enthusiasts are set to discover a new dimension this season.

Alexander Luthra from the Netherlands (Holland), a yoga teacher with the Foundation is expected to arrive in the country to launch the marathons pre-event activity.

Sri Lanka has been chosen as the first destination to launch Asia`s Yoga Marathon Challenge wherein for the first time SAARC countries and people from several other nations are expected to participate.

Launched by The Art of Living, a charity organization of yoga experts in Sri Lanka, the Sun salutations Yoga Marathon Challenge will feature the teaching, practice and performance of the graceful Sun salutations or popularly known as the Surya Namaskar sequence of yoga postures.

“It is a complete full-body workout,”says VidyutUdiaver. “It is called full body because in Surya Namaskar you use multiple body parts and enhance balance by making different elements dependent on each other. You mimic natural movements utilizing your legs, arms and working your back muscles and abdominal muscles.”This technique is to be made available as a humanitarian charity service initiative to improve the health and fitness across Sri Lanka. The benefits of sun salutation or Surya Namaskarare many - relieves stress, improves overall health and body immunity, rejuvenates, strengthens, builds stamina and promotes relaxation.

The upcoming Sun salutation Marathon Challenge event is also set to mark the inauguration of the Year of Yoga Worldwide declared by The Art of Living.The event schedules and pre-event activities will be announced shortly.

The Yoga Marathon is a tribute from Sri Lanka to commemorate the 30 years of Art of Living`s humanitarian service lead by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

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