Life is Beautiful & Stress Free

I did my first Art of Living course in Kolkata, about 14 years ago, and that time I had never heard about the organization. So, when my mom gave me 500 bucks to do a Reiki Course, I was heading towards the room on the 3rd floor of a building and on the 2nd floor I saw the board which said The Art of Living. I thought it was some interior decoration program, and my designer instinct made me chuck Reiki and enter The Art of Living course. I had no idea at that time that it would actually ‘decorate the interiors of my heart’.

The experience of the course was so life transforming that I would never forget for the rest of my life!

On the second day of my course itself, when I did the Sudarshan Kriya, I became a lifelong volunteer for this foundation. It not only changed my plans, but also changed my entire future. Now, there was a pressing need to be more useful to society and to dedicate myself to transforming people, thereby, making them experience the same happiness which I had received in just a span of 5 to 6 days.

However, even though I was doing a lot of voluntary work, I was never confident of myself that I could become a teacher and share this amazing knowledge the way my senior teachers have done in the past. So, when I voiced my doubts to Guruji, he told me, “The fact that you think that you don't know anything is exactly the qualification that you require to become a teacher. Only then, can I fill your empty cup.”

After that, when I told him that I was a jewelry designer, he said, "Oh! So, now you will be carving and designing real jewels, and be my star diamond!"

After all these years, I just want to thank Guruji for making me bigger and shinier than any star diamond in the world!

As a teacher of The Art of Living, I teach Part 1, Part 2, DSN, Apex and TTC courses but right now, I am focusing on the youth by taking the YES!+, DSN and Part 2 courses for the youth. My life has transformed in so many ways since I came into Art of Living. On the health front, the disease which I was suffering from, Chronic Pharyngitis has disappeared for good and now, instead of being on antibiotics throughout year, I just fully rely on Ayurveda or homeopathy, both of which have no side effects on my body and mind.

Life has become so beautiful and stress free. Now, I don't look at problems but you know, it’s like the problems look at me and shy away. The feverishness and nervousness which used to have, has been replaced by acceptance and the ability to look at problems as a challenge. Now I know that with trust and faith, there is a solution waiting for me and I just remain calm and tiptoe towards it.

If Art of Living had not happened to me, I would have never known what my potentials were and how much I am capable of. As a young girl, I remember being an individual who thought that life is just about earning money, having a career, getting married and settling down with two kids. I wanted to travel the world and have my own brand of jewelry, both of which ironically came true after I did the course. Now, I travel the world teaching The Art of Living courses and I have created an exquisite brand of shining authentic jewels in the form of my students!

I create, I maintain and if needed, I destroy to create again. For me, that’s the power of a woman. My vision for myself and everyone around me is to be happy and create happiness which can be permanent only if it comes from a space of contentment.

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Writer: Asmita Aarshi, Graphics: Niladri Dutta & Gurudatt Anvekar