Ayurveda makes transatlantic entry into Las Vegas

2 Oct 2013

The recently held, ‘Second International Conference on Surgery and Anaesthesia’ in Las Vegas had a unique and unlikely contributor in the form of Bangalore-based Dr Ramesh Bhat.

A department head at Bangalore, India’s Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research Hospital, Dr Bhat presented a paper on a case study employing a 5000-years old Ayurvedic surgical technique called ‘Ksharasutra’ to treat anorectal disorders.

The case was of a 48-year-old man in critical condition from repeated attacks of boils and abscesses on his leg who underwent modern surgery at three hospitals without success. The correct diagnosis of his rare condition (due to a problem in the anal region) and its treatment through the Ayurvedic technique was effective.

“It was the only presentation on Ayurvedic surgery among 48 renowned and experienced super-specialty surgeons who spoke on their work, and who were curious to know about Ksharasutra and other techniques. They felt that  there is need for more publications and research work from India on Ayurveda. This was the first time a case study using these Ayurvedic surgery methods was presented in a peer-reviewed international surgery journal“, said Dr Bhat.

Surgical treatment of anal fistula requires hospitalization, regular post-operative care, and is associated with a significant risk of recurrence.  But Ksharasutra is being practiced in India with a high success rate to treat it. The incidence of recurrence is just 3.33 percent. There are no systemic side effects, although some minor problems are observed, which rarely need medication. It is ideal for patients of advanced age who have respiratory or cardiovascular diseases, or are otherwise unfit for surgery. Moreover, postoperative tissue damage and scarring are minimal.

Throwing more light on the benefits of it, Dr Bhat said, “It can very well be practiced even in other countries  as it is proven to be more effective, patient friendly, less invasive and has a high success rate. I felt proud and very happy that ancient Indian surgical techniques were presented for the first time to experienced international surgeons who responded positively and are expecting many more such publications from Ayurveda surgeons.”

Dr Bhat has, in 10 years, successfully treated approximately 2,500 patients.

Courtesy : The Indian Express