Big Salsa Flash mob at central square - World Culture Festival Challenge


Art of Living to bring Caribbean flair to Munich: On the occasion of the World Culture Festival (WCF), that is set to take place in March in New Delhi with estimated 3.5 Million participants from 155 countries, a „World Culture Festival Challenge“ has developed in the run up of the event on social media.

Munich, 4th February 2016 - In this challenge, usually designed as a flashmob, a group from one country dances to a tune and traditional dance from another country. All this is recorded with a video camera and posted on the Internet. At the end of the dance, the participants nominate another country to participate in the WCF Challenge. The Challenge already saw a larger group from India dancing to a Spanish song and nominating Russia. A group from Russia then in turn danced to an Irish tune, etc.  Germany was nominated by the Dominican Republic and once again by Brazil.

This Saturday, 6th February, at 12.30 hrs around 200 fans of the World Culture Festival will meet at the Munich Odeonsplatz to take their challenge with a Salsa dance.
Through social media several hundred people have already confirmed their interest to participate:

Not only shall the challenge be fun, the intention of the World Culture Festival and the WCF Challenge is also to bring one another closer to other country’s cultures in a joyful atmosphere, and thus help reduce prejudices.

Organized by The Art of Living, a United Nations accredited, global NGO, the 'World Culture Festival' (WCF) will take place from 11-13 March 2016 in India's capital, and is expected to welcome millions from over 155 countries. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the festival together with Art of Living founder and international peace ambassador Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

The World Culture Festival will feature a diverse program composed of cultural show acts, ceremonial speeches of dignitaries, platforms for discussions, country pavilions and in addition yoga and exhibitions. Through the presentation of traditional and country-specific dances, music, art and cuisine from around the world, the festival aims to foster a deeper mutual understanding between people of different faiths, nationalities and backgrounds, an important concern of the Art of Living Foundation and Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. 

In addition, high-level dignitaries will share their insight and experiences on how to foster world peace and intercultural dialogue.