Bodhgaya ashram facilities

(a) Lodging, food, meditation packages, Divine shop, Divine services and Boutique, Goshala

(b) Travel booking facilities to Maha-Bodhi Temple and monasteries (made by various countries) in Bodhgaya; and Vishnupad Temple and Mangala-Gauri (Shakti Peeth) Temple in Gaya is also available. Tour packages of Buddhist circuit (Vaishali, Sarnath, Lumbini etc) and nearby tourist hot-spots like Rajgir & Nalanda are also available.

(c) Airlines, train, bus (to and fro) bookings can also be done at the ashram.

(d) City of Gaya is often called as "Moksha-Dhaam" (city of attaining Nirvana). People from all over the world come here for "Pind-daan". Facilities for arrangements for Pind-daan-puja is also available at the ashram.

Upcoming facilities (in next 6 months) include:

  • Panchakarma and Ayurveda treatment Centre
  • RDP centre
  • Yagnashala
  • Meditation Hall.