Shiva Sutras

"That which delivers the full essence in a few words potent with meaning is a sutra. The direction of our lives depends on the nature of the stura we hold on to." The Shiva Sutras are fourteen verses that organize the phonemes of the Sanskrit language as referred to in the foundational text of Sanskrit grammar. Gurudev's commentary on the Shiva Sutras was first given in the early 80's in Bangalore, India, and then completed in 2004 in Rishikesh, India. They are lucid and applicable to daily life.

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Knowledge in a nutshell

"This knowledge is not complicated; it is very simple and complementary to life in the world, to society. Normally people oppose it because they think doing anything for their inner growth means stopping the outer activities completely. It is often taught as renunciation - that you renounce the whole world, then you can do some practice for inner growth. But that is not so. We need to have a balance in both - in outer activity, the worldly life, and our inner growth."

This book contains a series of talks from Gurudev on such topics as happiness, presence, consciousness, ego and gratitude. Delivered with simplicity and humour, it gives profound insights into the challenges we face in daily life.

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Walking the path

"Masters don't expect anything from you. They just take care of all that anxiety and of all that rubbish you can't get rid of by yourself. All the realised Masters on this planet are garbage collectors."

Frédérique Lebelley is a writer and journalist. This book is the account of her powerful experiences with Gurudev since their first meeting in 1995. Her account takes her from Akademie Bad Antogast in the German Black Forest to travel across India with Gurudev, and includes both her personal experiences and excepts of knowledge that was given in her presence.

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The Santa Monica Series

"First comes attraction – you are attracted to someone. But if you get what you are attracted to, very easily, the charm goes away. It dies out very fast. But if what you are attracted to becomes just a little bit difficult to have, then you develop love for it. Have you observed or experienced this?" This is a compilation of eleven talks given by Gurudev in Santa Monica, California, in August 1996 and January 1997, focusing mainly on aspects of consciousness. Gurudev examines the impact of Krishna, Buddha and Jesus on the collective, as well as the growing influence of New Age.

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