Boxing: A communication between heaven and earth

A communication between the elements: This is what Ho Haoyang, a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter feels when he is in the boxing arena. Might sound poetic except that MMA is considered to be one of the most dangerous and difficult sporting events in the world today. Except for a lethal attack, MMA competitions allow almost all types of attacks.

Ho shares his poetic approach to boxing and life:

Peace is the most common trait in all great athletes. I deeply believe that no matter how exciting the game, "peace" is the most needed quality of the boxing arena. Meditating and breathing are my secret weapons, and it is peace that brings out my stability and my physical energy.

“When I am competing in the ring, I am like Arjuna (of the Mahabharata). To win the game, I need wisdom and a lot of courage. The challenges are not only in the tournaments I participate in but also in life. How to move forward with peace of mind and an easy centeredness - that is the art of living!”

In the boxing ring, your fear can bring out strong emotions and hypertonic blood, and sometimes it gives you a powerful force for a period of time, but a peaceful mind will bring out the depth of the techniques, and more of my will-power.

What happens inside the boxing arena:

When I am competing on the professional fighting stage, I think not only about the technical aspects but also about the art of mastering the mind. While training, there are always a lot of negative thoughts, fear, doubt and anxiety about losing. Most of these negatives can be solved by a good training plan which can enhance one’s confidence, but in most situations, when my own mind is like an opponent who is not easy to cope with, meditation brings me immense strength.

Boxing: a communication between heaven and earth

Through the practice of the martial arts, I connect myself - sometimes even feel a communication - to heaven and earth, and this is my approach.

Martial arts competitions are not intended to harm human beings, but as a medium, for competitors to communicate with each other and simultaneously know themselves.

The secret weapon revealed:

I deeply believe that no matter how exciting the game is, peace is the most needed quality inside the arena; and this is true for any top athlete. The Art of Living’s Sudarshan Kriya and Sahaj Samadhi meditation techniques are the secret weapons that bring me stability and strength.

Before stepping into any fight, I practice Sudarshan Kriya and Sahaj Samadhi meditation to calm my mind and be at peace. I also pray to my Guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, to guide me and give me strength and courage to win the match.

On being a vegetarian:

I also believe in the importance of vegetarianism; it gives me optimal physical fitness and strength.

Vegetarianism and martial arts - there is no conflict between them. It is a myth that vegetarianism causes physical decline. On the contrary, pure vegetarian diet and nutrition add more benefits to my training and fitness levels.

Ho Haoyang is a faculty member of The Art of Living Happiness Program and a MMA fighter from Taiwan.