Prakash Padukone’s secret of an Extra Edge for Winning

Driving, coaching, sports or dealing with kids - Meditation definitely helps! Badminton legend Prakash Padukone believes that meditation adds value in all walks of life. In an interview, he shares how meditation gives you an extra edge in life.

Q - Could you share with us your views on meditation?

Meditation is important in all walks of life including sports. It helps in improving concentration and enables an athlete to focus on the game. At the highest level, all other things being equal, a person with a better concentration and focus will have an edge.

Q - While at the badminton court, there is a strong spirit that says, “I will win the game.” Could you please elaborate on how meditation can give you a mental edge in this game of skill?

The difference in skill levels of the top ten players in a sport is very marginal. Hence it is the person with better self belief who will succeed more often than not. And doing meditation regularly will help in this endeavour.

Q - Apart from sports, in which other aspects of your life has meditation added value?

In all aspects of daily life! While dealing with kids, while driving, while coaching, while attending functions etc. I am able to concentrate and think better when I do meditation regularly.

Q - With what message would you inspire your fans out there to meditate?

Please try it out. You will find it very useful. It looks boring but teaches you a lot of good things in life. It’s worth trying.

Q - Could you please also share your experience of visiting the Art of Living Ashram and meeting Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar?

It was a great experience. Being in the presence of Gurudev has a very calming influence which is so essential in the present day life full of stress and tension. Every minute spent at the ashram was an experience by itself. I am looking forward to do my advance level of The Art of Living course in the near future.