The Door to Meditation

This mind is experiencing the world. Who is miserable? If you say, “Oh, I am so miserable,” find out who is miserable, who is hot, who is cold, who is experiencing pain, who is experiencing pleasure, who is happy, who is unhappy, who feels, who is intelligent, who is dumb, stupid? Who is this? Who is feeling all this? Who is experiencing it?

Just saying, “Oh, I am experiencing,” is not enough. You can say to someone else, “Oh, I am experiencing it.” You find out who is this, who is experiencing it! This cannot be answered. You cannot answer someone else, “I am experiencing pain or pleasure.” No! If you say you are experiencing pain or pleasure, it is wrong. It is a wrong answer.

The answer to this cannot be given. It only has to be found out and you have to find this out yourself. There is no proxy for it. Who is experiencing this pain? This very question takes you into meditation. This very question is the door to meditation. Any pain can lead you into meditation. Any misery will lead you into meditation. Any pleasure or joy will lead you into this door, into this meditation. Who is the one? “Who is experiencing this?” That is all you have to ask.