Breathe easy

15 Sep 2011
Dubai, UAE
15 Sep 2011

Mohamad Kadry (

We speak with yoga teacher Jyothirmaya from the Art of Living Foundation as he brings an exciting new workshop to Dubai that aims to educate people on the benefits of meditation

How can yoga help ease some of the stress of living and working in a high-speed environment like Dubai?

Yoga provides an easy and natural way to relax consciously at the same time limbers up the body systems. Just like a well-rested and well-oiled machine functions more effectively, in the same way, yoga helps to improve physical and mental efficiency.The physical asanas (postures in yoga exercises) help to release physical stress stored in the body as a result of postural and physiological imbalances. Emotional and mental stresses are taken care of by breathing techniques and meditations. Overall, the techniques of yoga can prove to be an effective tool to deal with the fast paced lifestyle of this generation.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about yoga that you’ve encountered in your travels?

The biggest misconception is that yoga has something to do with religion. Just as eating pizza from Italy does not make you Italian, or using an iPhone designed in America does not make you an American, in the same way, though the knowledge of yoga originates in India, doing yoga does not imply a change in our culture or tradition. The benefits of yoga are proven and used by many all over the world and have brought peace, harmony and increase in energy and enthusiasm in people from all walks of life. A calm and energetic mind is better equipped to handle the stress of daily life, especially in the current situation. For a perfect state of health, one has to be mentally calm, steady and emotionally soft. This is not an easy state to attain in today’s fast-paced life. Read more