Bringing Stress Release Techniques to the World Health Organization

Corporate Leadership Workshops for WHO Employees in India



98% of the participants (from the second batch) rated their experience of the program as excellent/good.

93% of participants rated the program as Excellent / Good in terms of  long-term benefits which included stress management, ethical behavior, better communication, better decision making, higher creativity, increased ownership, team spirit, delivering higher performance, better commitment to goals and work-life balance.


“The program has been useful in breaking barriers with my colleagues and has given me more confidence to undertake higher responsibilities and challenges,” remarked a participant of the corporate leadership workshop conducted for the World Health Organization (WHO) regional office for South-East Asia. “I learnt how to balance the workload and other responsibilities and deliver quality work,” said another participant. Their views were echoed by several other employees who were a part of the stress management program conducted by the Art of Living in Greater Noida from October 14-16, 2009.


Leadership skills & stress management

With a Global Management System (GMS) roll-out scheduled to take place in the coming weeks, the workshop held prior to the week-long GMS training session, enabled the employees gear up for long work-hours and intense pressure. The program with a focus on leadership skills and stress management helped the participants to be stress-free, energized and better prepared for the challenges at work.


The first workshop had 116 participants and the second workshop that was held from November 6-8, had 65 participants. Both the workshops were organized with the objectives of enhancing dynamic leadership and de-stressing the GMS trainers-cum-change agents using breathing techniques, energizing exercises and meditation.


Benefits of the program

After the program, participants noted feeling more energetic and dynamic, free from stress and having better clarity of mind. In terms of social interaction, they reported a better understanding of people and being a better team player, and felt that the course would improve performance at work.


Most participants volunteered to continue practicing the techniques and have requested for group practice sessions to be held at regular intervals. Participants have also requested for Art of Living’s Advanced Meditation Course to further the program benefits.