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The Art of Living Part 1 Course

Get equipped with a comprehensive toolkit for a peaceful, happy state of mind.


Advanced Breathing Exercises

  • Experience the Sudarshan Kriya - effectively reduces stress and takes you into a state of deep meditation
  • The power of pranayama - learn a series of breathing exercises to calm and energize your mind
  • Backed by research - 70 independent studies confirm a full range of mind-body benefits from Sudarshan Kriya, home kriya and related practices (yoga and pranayama)
  • Get expert training on how to practice Sudarshan Kriya and pranayamas on your own


Mind Mastery

  • Traditionally, yoga is more than movement - it’s also an outlook on life. On The SKY Breath Meditation, we’ll explore a profound and practical yogic thinking framework, which when understood and practiced, can act like a force-field against stress. Sudarshan Kriya helps us remove stress; wisdom helps us not accumulate stress to begin with.
  • These aren’t just intellectual lectures - you’ll engage in interactive discussions and experiential processes based on adult learning theory to maximize your understanding and retention.


Yoga and Meditation

  • Learn easy yoga poses you can incorporate into your day for greater health, focus and relaxation.
  • Enjoy unique guided meditations and get a taste of the beauty within.




Discover the power of Art of Living's breathing exercises

70 independent studies on Sudarshan Kriya & related practices (SK&P)

From reducing stress to getting better rest, these techniques have a demonstrated measurable impact on quality of life.

Over 70 independent studies conducted on four continents and published in peer review journals, have demonstrated a comprehensive range of benefits from practicing Sudarshan Kriya™ and related breathing exercises taught on the SKY Breath Meditation.

Research Result Key Finding
Deep Sleep and Wellbeing Increase




How The Art of Living is Changing Lives

“Life Changing”

“Classes that will school you in the art of inhaling"

“Art of Living may be the fastest growing spiritual practice on the planet”

“The Easy Breathing Technique That Can Lower Your Anxiety 44%”


“impressive results”

“Breathing is the New Yoga!”

“Like Fresh air for millions”

“Show promise in providing relief for depression”

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